港润酒店(广州北京路店) - Gangrun Hotel (Guangzhou Beijing Road)

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1. 第二届计算机信息科学与应用技术国际学术论坛(CISAT 2019)将在港润酒店(广州北京路店)隆重举行。

2. 组委会已经与该酒店谈妥住宿优惠价,具体信息以及预定方式附后。

3. 请务必在2019年8月16日前回复参会回执。



港润酒店(广州北京路店) -酒店链接


酒店地址:广州 越秀区 越秀南路208号(原全球通大厦)



豪华大床房:330元/天 (一个床位、Internet网、含早)

豪华双床房:330元/天 (两个床位、Internet网、含早)


*海珠广场、北京路步行街:2.1 km, 8 min

*白云国际机场:32.7 km, 49 min

*广州火车站:5.4 km, 32 min

*市中心:7.1 km, 16 min

*越秀公园:4.7 km, 23 min

*沙面:5.0 km, 18 min


请务必在2019年8月16日前发送预订回执(点击下载)至组委会指定邮箱 ICCISAT@126.com,否则无法保证住宿安排。


(A) Conference Venue

2019 2nd International Conference on Computer Information Science and Application Technology (CISAT 2019)  will take place at Gangrun Hotel (Guangzhou Beijing Road), Guangzhou.

Hotel Website:  Click 

Hotel Address: No.208 Yuexiu South Road Guangzhou China

Tel: +86-020-83898333


* Haizhu Square, Pedestrian Street, Beijing Road: 2.1 km, 8 min

* Baiyun International Airport: 32.7 km, 49 min

* Guangzhou Railway Station: 5.4 km, 32 min

* Downtown: 7.1 km, 16 min

* Yuexiu Park: 4.7 km, 23 min

* Sand surface: 5.0 km, 18 min

(B) Hotel Reservation

Please find below hotel with special rate for the conference: Sun Yat-sen University Kaifeng Hotel

Deluxe Room (1 bed):  330 RMB/night (about USD 48/night)

Deluxe Room (2 beds): 330 RMB/night (about USD 48/night)

All reservation with special rate should be done by the Committee of CISAT 2019. Please sent us booking receipt to the Email Address ICCISAT@126.com before August 16, 2019 if you want to reserve the room.

Listener Reservation Form (Download)